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Welcome to the Center of Attention! You are in the right place! At Trendsetter Eyewear, we practice eye care above and beyond eye exams. In our office, you are the center of our attention as we evaluate your unique eye and vision needs and design treatment options for you.

Eyeglasses can either be an asset to your personal style, or a hindrance. At Trendsetter Eyewear, our selection is limited to one variety - the kind that enhances your look. From high-end designer eyeglasses to bespoke artisan creations, our collection has been specifically curated to complement our customer’s individuality.

We constantly update our education and equipment to provide you with the most current options in eyeglasses, lenses, contact lenses, and specialty eye care.

We look forward to helping you look great and see better!

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The Gucci brand is not just about luxury, but also sophistication and sex appeal. Their sunwear collection uses only high quality materials to create distinctive shapes that celebrate this House's historic icons while reflecting an elegant lifestyle in modern times with its sexy design elements like lace detailing on distinctive shapes.

Kate Spade's bold and bright designs are shown off in this collection of sunglasses. There are playful shapes, cheerful patterns that showcase the designer’s love for color as well as classic colors with sparkly glitter enhancement on each frame.

Marciano is an extension brand from GUESS founded in 2004. Marciano Los Angeles by GUESS offers a selection of highly sophisticated and sexy accessories that represent pure glamour in every day fashion.

The iconic Prada style is known for its understated quality and innovation. They create thought-out designs with great craftsmanship that anticipate trends, while also maintaining their own unique identity in the process

Versace's signature style is often identified by its use of new, unexpected materials and performance-oriented designs that vary from one season to another. The sunglasses collection offers an elegant selection for those who want their individuality shown through a bold look. The eyewear line has been designed with both men and women in mind so you can find something appropriate no matter what.

The glasses at BCBG Max Azria are known for their high-quality material and craftsmanship. The company is focused on producing simple, yet elegant designs that appeal to everyone who wears them

Olivier Rousteing's sunglasses from Balmain are a reflection of the confidence and elegance that is often found in the Balmain Army. They provide an uncompromising yet elegant look for any occasion with their collection ranging from classic styles to more modern options

The French luxury brand, CHARRIOL is a prestigious name in timepieces. Philippe Charriol founded the companyin 1983 and remains its founder to this day with plans on expanding globally through distribution networks that are currently active across 285 boutiques located throughout Europe as well 3 800 points of sale worldwide

Christian Dior sunglasses are a channel of self-expression for the contemporary woman. They exude bold elegance that has been balanced with timeless design elements from Dior.

Tom Ford Eyewear fuses Ford’s masterful hands-on design with Made-in-Italy craftsmanship. Luxe materials and the signature, sleek “T” logo imbue even the most flamboyant shapes with sophistication.

LIGHTEC is a high-end brand of sunglasses with sleek, lightweight frames that are durable and flexible. The company's name comes from the use in lighting technology which makes them comfortable for all day wear - it also has no screws or hinges, meaning they are strong and secure.

The elegance and quality of Oga eyeglasses is unmatched in the industry. All frames by this brand follow strict fabrication processes, with an emphasis on innovation that has been passed down through generations since 1867 when Morel Group was founded. With best-in class materials like acetate or wood for your temple tips to metal detailing, Oga will provide you with confort and sophistication.

Metal accents on mixed-materials frames hint at rebelliousness while leather wrapped or patterned temples add some interest with their ornately detailed metal embellishments.

Our line of sunglasses are a combination of eccentricity and elegance. We have been featured in Eyewear Magazine as well at many other international events for our unmatched designs on the catwalk internationally from Tokyo to Paris with recognition by award-winning judges.

The French company, Lafont glasses are manufactured with over 330 thousand frames annually and 120 models per collection. They have an extensive range of colors to suit any taste as well as mix matched materials such print fabricsinserted between two sheets of acetate or panther designsamong others that make these awesome eyewear pieces perfect for all occasions

The eyewear at FACE A FACE is unlike anything you've ever seen before. It was born out of Parisian artistic culture, and it's been evolving with the times ever since then. The collections take inspiration from modern art - there are pieces that look like they were straight off an architectural render towards contemporary design trends in fashion or accessories.

Menizzi offers a fantastic selection of stylish eyeglass frames that will fit every woman's individual needs with its bold color options and smaller sizes. With such an extensive collection, they're sure to have the perfect pair just waiting for you.

Ziggy shades are a lightweight, fashionable pair of lenses that can be used for any occasion. The rubber nosepieces ensure you don't lose sight during activity and hints at classic style make them perfect additions to an urban attitude which makes these stylish eyewear appropriate in nearly every situation.

Wiley X creates the world’s most precise and impact-resistant lenses for our frames. Their proprietary Digiforce™ technology digitally maps your prescription to fit your frame selection and unique facial measurements.


The Bottega Veneta eyewear collection expresses the brand’s core values through contemporary techniques and sophisticated combinations of colors and finishes. The result is a modern yet iconic range of sunglasses and optical frames.

Oakley's dedication to making the best sunglasses on Earth is deviated by a passion for reinventing from scratch. With their innovative minds, Oakleys create designs that are more than just functional; they're also art pieces we can enjoy every day of our lives

The oldest optical company in the United States, we have worked tirelessly ensuring customer satisfaction and superb quality of all its products. It is our ongoing goal to provide this same level or service as well for many generations yet unborn - so that future generations will know how special it can feel when one's life depends on their prescription glasses.

The glasses that have made Carolina Herrera a worldwide designer are not just an accessory for the eyes, but rather part of her prestigious style legacy. Innovations in frame design and craftsmanship give each wearer their own personal look - from traditional to trendy contemporary.

Furla eyeglasses for women come in a variety of styles and shapes, with each frame designed to reflect the sophistication of its wearer. The innovative designer behind this collection has produced timeless yet modern designs that will look great on anyone--whether you're looking to add some edge or simply want something classic.

Ray-Ban has been at the forefront of developing high quality sunglasses to protect pilots from harsh sunlight since its inception in 1937. Since then, it's become an iconic accessory for visionaries and cultural creatives everywhere who want express themselves freely without holding back their most fearless selves