Dr Cynthia Payne provides optometric comprehensive eye exams for the Las Vegas / Summerlin community for patients 4 years old and up.

We provide comprehensive eye exams for new eyeglasses prescriptions, contact lens prescriptions, diabetic eye exams, allergy and red eye evaluations, dry eye evaluations, and computer vision syndrome evaluations.

Appointments for an eye exam at Trendsetter Eyewear can be scheduled online, requested through our “Contact Us” form, or by calling our office.

Once an appointment is scheduled, we will text or email you a New Patient information link to complete and submit back to us online prior to your appointment. This gives you an opportunity to tell us about any problems with your current prescription, your vision or your eyes. We will also ask for information about any medical conditions you have, medications you are currently taking and any history about your eyes.

You can also preselect frames that you like from our online optical and we will have them ready for you to review at your appointment. Please bring any current eyeglasses and/or contact lens packages to your appointment. One hour prior to your appointment you will receive a text message from us with a Google Maps link to Trendsetter Eyewear.

At check-in we will verify your ID and collect any additional information if needed. We will read any current prescription eyeglasses you have brought with you.

During your eye exam we will review the reason for your visit and review your eye, medical and medication history. We will also ask if you have any known drug allergies. Your vision will be checked with your current eyeglasses prescription and without. We will check your field of vision, color vision, and contrast sensitivity with Heru virtual reality testing if appropriate. We are a “No Puff” zone and use a no eyedrop method to check your eye pressure. We will acquire a digital measurement for a starting prescription with corneal curvatures and use this information to help determine the best vision Rx for distance and near with eye balance testing. Eye muscles with be tested for alignment and distance and near and for any restrictions in movement.

We will check your pupils and use the slit lamp to evaluate the front of the eye and the lens inside the eye. An Optos scan will give us a 200 degree digital retinal image to assess the health of the inside of your eye and this image will be saved to your computerized file to help monitor your eye health for changes.

At the conclusion of your eye exam, Dr. Cynthia Payne will go over the results of your eye exam with you and make any recommendations needed for best eye care. Dr. Payne will answer any questions you may have and make recommendations for lenses and lens options based on your prescription and vision needs.

In our Optical, Chip will assist you with a selection from our carefully curated collection of designer frames. We love to help you choose a frame that looks great on you and works best with your prescription! We will do customized measurements for the frame you choose on your face and help you determine which lens design, material, and lens options work best for you.

We will contact you by text when your new eyeglasses and sunglasses are ready for you. When you pick up your new eyewear, we will assure proper fit and do any necessary adjustments to your frame. We will review cleaning and care of your new eyewear and provide you with a cloth and cleaner to use.

We invite you to stop in anytime to visit us and have your eyeglasses and sunglasses adjusted back to perfect!

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