Trendsetter Eyewear has a large selection of designer eyeglass and sunglass frames to fit any size head and face. We meet with our vendors routinely throughout the year to keep our collections current with the newest styles of eyeglasses and sunglasses. You can schedule an eye exam with us or bring us your current eyeglasses prescription. We provide experienced frame styling to help you select the fit and style for your unique look. We will collect precise measurements for the best vision with your new lenses. All lens options available with your prescription will be reviewed with recommendations for best look, fit and vision with your new eyeglass prescription.

Eyeglass prescription lens options available include the following:

  • Lens materials: CR-39, Polycarbonate, Trivex, High Index
  • Lens designs: Single vision, Bifocal, Trifocal, Progressive, Neurolens, Anti-Fatigue computer lenses

We offer both conventional and digitally designed prescription lenses

Sunglass lenses: These are available as polarized or with a custom tint, uv protection, and an option of a flash or solid mirror

Antiglare coating: Our number one recommended coating is a high quality antiglare (antireflective) coating. This coating allows you to see better through your lenses (especially at night) and reduces fatigue from glare from your digital devices such as computers, phones, and tablets. Cosmetically, it reduces glare from the front of your lenses so your eyes are more clearly seen , especially on Zoom or in pictures. A high quality anti glare coating also reduces dirt and smudges on our lenses and provides a scratch coat protection.

Our antiglare coating come with a one time replacement with in a two year period scratch coat warranty.

Photochromatic lenses: these lenses provide the benefit of clear and sunglass lenses all in the same frame. They give great uv protection for the eyes, are beneficial for light sensitive eyes and their blue blocking effect can increase comfort with computer use.

Blue blocker lenses: these lenses can improve comfort with digital device use. They can be either clear or photochromatic. There are also some antiglare coatings with blue blocker available.

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